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The Paws For A Cause PA/TPIO Pantry is a joint venture to help ease the lives of our residents.  We started the pantry during the pandemic of 2020 and it was an instant hit.  The pantry was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears put in by a VERY dedicated group of volunteers who spent countless hours turning it into what we have today.  We are constantly changing and we never know what we are going to have to offer, but we do our best to help the most people.  The location is at 800 East Grand Ave, Tower City.  The contents of the pantry are free to the residents visiting.  We do ask for a $10.00 donation, if you have it, to come in and shop.  The donation is not needed, we just ask for the help to allow us to cover the cost of the building rental, lights, and other utilities to keep us in operation.  We started out trying to do at least 1 shopping event per month, but we have since decided to hold 3 events per month as long as we can keep inventory up.  Those events will be held on the first Thursday of the month from 10-12 and 5-7p.m., and the third Monday of each month from 5-7p.m.  We ask that residents only visit once per month, per household to allow everyone a chance to get supplies.  We normally have an assortment of cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, juices, food, dog & cat food, dog & cat treats and snack items.  Our organizations rely on fundraisers to make things like this possible, so we also occasionally have items for sale inside.  Currently, we are selling T-shirts and hoodies for PFAC, and monthly gun and cash tickets for TPIO.  We appreciate everyone's support and words of encouragement during this adventure.  If you have ideas on how to improve, please let one of the volunteers know your idea.  We encourage everyone to stop in and visit us during our shopping events to see what we have done, even if you don't want to shop.  We love to see our residents!

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